Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Closer We Get, The Deeper the Adversity 8.14.16

Family!! Well, this week we had Interviews with President, exhanges with our beloved STLs - Sister Lunar and Sister Folau, and what else??? Work work work work work. The usual:)

My companion and I have been really striving to focus on praying for a deeper love for the people here. The more you love the people, and the deeper your own personal conversion, the greater your desire to share the gospel. I'm pretty sure that's a proven fact. 

The only thing is, the more you love someone, the more vulnerable you are to other emotions associated. What exactly am I talking about? I'm referring to the feeling my companion and I felt this last week of complete depressed sadness when we had a progressing investigator who was ready for baptism next week flip a complete 180. 

The thing is, with everything in live, it seems the closer we get to God, the harder the adversity comes. I fully believe this can be overcome as we continue to live the gospel, but when it comes to major decisions, such as baptism, or even serving a mission, the adversity will try to pelt you to the ground. Why? Because more than a lot of people in this world, he of all people knows the blessings of the gospel. He knows what he's missing. What he chose to turn away from. And he wants us all to share in his misery. I read a talk this week about how the world has turned the idea of God and Satan into just that, an idea. The world makes it out to be as if they're ideas, figments of the imagination, to guide us in different directions during this life. 

However, they are the very opposite. They both are two very real people, with 2 very opposite very real desires. Our Father in Heaven knows us perfectly and wants more than anyone in this life for us to be the best that we can be. He is all knowing. All seeing. And it is our job to trust him. 

Typhoon season is picking up! And each of us missionaries is instructed to have a 72 hour kit. That'd be a good thing for all of us to have I think! If we are prepared, we have no need to fear. 

Love you all! Do a little extra for someone this week. Try to be a little better than the last week! This life is a life of learning and progressing. Don't forget it:)

The church is true. Joseph Smith was a true prophet and so is President Thomas S. Monson. And can I just tell you how excited I am for conference!!!! Still gotta make it through September first:)

Have a great week! Sending love always, 

Love Sister Russon

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