Sunday, August 21, 2016

Spiritual Slap I Desperately Needed 6.26.16

Hey Yah Family! What a week it has been!!!! The work this week has been in great short supply. My companion has been super sick all week! Do you have any idea how awful it is to be sick on a mission? What do you do? You can watch the 3 church movies we have, read the scriptures, and listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Yeah. It's a real party. Pretty much all you end up doing is eating and sleeping. 

However, one amazing thing happened this week! We had the most spiritual Zone Conference with Elder Bowen - one of our area Seventy. Half the mission met together in Catbalogan - my old zone! It was like coming home, it felt so good:) There's a lot of missionaries I wanted to see in the other half of the mission, but it was all good. You can't win with a situation like that. If I would've been in the other half, I would've wanted to see all the missionaries in this half I would'nt have been able to see. Can I just tell you the joy it is when all the missionaries get together? Haha, it's like the Celestial Kingdom. It's like seeing family. So so fun!

The best part thought was the actual meeting itself. President Bown talked about this guy named...Roger? I forgot his name. He is the man who broke the 4 minute record for the mile. Before he did this, it was known to the whole world that this was physically impossible. No one had ever done it before. However, the year after he broke it, 5 other countries beat his record. The whole concept of this was False Limitations. And that is what President Bowen has said we have adopted into the mission - false limitations. 

Throughout my mission, all I've had is the other work of missionaries to compare my work to. Several times, my companion and I have had the highest in the mission for the most investigators (Yeah I feel like I got that down, now I just need to figure out how to get them to come to church!). With this comparison, I've always felt, "Wow! We are on fire! We are doing so good!" Haha yeah, wrong! We are not on fire. There's so much more we could be doing! The whole central message to the meeting was RAISE THE BAR. And the few times we've been able to work after that meeting, we surely have raised the bar. It's fun! There's been so many more people we've talked to, we've been bolder in lessons, and the spirit is a stronger presence with us each day. 

Love love love being a missionary. 

My invitation to you? Find the false limitations in your life. Whether it be work, school, church. And get rid of it. Life is too short. Raise the bar and you'll do things you though you never could. 

Don't forget you have time each day to read the Book of Mormon. I LOVE the Book of Mormon. My favorite chapter as of lately has been Alma 5. I'm on my 3rd time reading it in the mission, and I feel like I've gotten more out of it than the 10 times I read it before the mission. It all comes down to real intent:)

My love for you is great!!!!! So is the Savior's. Remember Him. 

Love always and always, 
Have a maupay day!

Love Sister Russon

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