Sunday, August 21, 2016

It Get's Better and Better

Hi Family!

Some great spiritual experiences this week!   I would like to share with you all about one of our investigators named Edward. He is the boyfriend of a less active recent convert. As we have taught them though, the less active has become active again. They are adorable when we teach! They lean in together each time we sing the hymn at the beginning of each lesson, and when any talk of the temple comes up, they give each other this 'knowing' look:) I've been a little worried about Edward because at times I've felt his girlfriend wants the gospel for him more than he wants it for himself, and it's so important that that is a personal decision. 

The other day, we were going over prayer and the process, how to make it sincere, etc etc. He says the closing prayer and stops in the middle because he can hardly get the words out without crying. The spirit was so strong! It was such a cool experience. After he finished, he was quiet the rest of the time we ate lunch and finally at the end, he explained that physically he felt something in his heart during that prayer, and it was unlike anything he'd ever felt before. 

Blessings blessings blessigns. He's getting baptized in a couple weeks along with 2 other people that my companion and I have found and taught. Heavenly Father is just leading us to these people who are so prepared! I can't figure out if it's just the people, or if it's us striving to be more obedient this cycle. Whatever the reason, I'm grateful. And I'm loving this area. 

Random updates: Typhoon season came early! We just had a stage 1 two days ago and the rain was just insane. Reminds me of my first area. So help me if I get hit by another stage 4. Haha, the adventures in the Philippines. 

Also, my favorite couple missionary - the Hansens went home today. They will be missed greatly. Love them so much. I just love the mission in general:)

Love YOU all too!!!! Thank you for the prayers and support! You are loved by more than you can physically see. Remember - happiness is a choice. So choose to be happy. And focus youre lives on the Savior. Everything will fall into balance. 

Sending hugs and loves, 

Sister Russon

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