Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alofa Atu! (6.12.2016)

Alfa Atu Family!

That means I love you in Samoan - my companions teaching me the lingo:)

I am loving being a missionary more and more each day. It's such a blessing and a privilege. 

Sister Matautia and I are doing great in our area. She is a bundle of personality haha. We just have so much fun and laugh all the time. And at the same time, we're working hard and loving the work and finding tons of investigators and doing our best. 

Dagami is small town but the people here are full of life. I can't even tell you how many kids there are in this town. I swear they come by the hundreds. Sister Matautia and I are well known by all of them - a Samoan and American in a tiny philippino town...haha all the kids know who we are. We'll walk around a corner and hear, "Sister!!!!" and then have to prepare ourselves from the herd of tiny things that come running at us. They are so dang cute!

Some of my favorite people we've met so far are our boys - Recmar, Aldwin, John Rey, Jay Ar, Aldwin, Jay, and Michael. Most of them are less active recent converts. The others are investigators who dont want to get baptized because they are pretty sure they'll go less active. Haha, this happens, and yet, they all have goals eventually to go on missions. These boys are 16-20 and we love them. They're all best friends. Hopefully we can help them to get it figured out. Pray:)

A miracle happened this week! My companion are walking down this street of this kind of far area - it was my first time visiting this specific part - and we run into Brother Sturgill!!! What?! He was with a group doing community service. Amazing. The crazy part was, he had just been saying before he saw us that they needed to drive around and find me so he could send a picture to you all. And then we walk around the corner haha. It was fun to talk to him and see pictures of the work they've been doing. We talked to them for a bit and then he gave us a ride back home for lunch in his car. Can I just tell you what a blessing it is the few times during my mission I've actually had the priveledge of riding in an actual car!!!!! Enjoy it while you've got it. 

Love you all so much!!!! Thank you for being my amazing wonderful family!!!!!! I love you all tons and pray for you all the time. Miracles happen every day. The more sensitive we are to the spirit, the easier it is to see God's hand in our lives. 

Sending love always, 

Sister Russon 

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