Sunday, August 21, 2016

My Week With the Sick 8.7.16

Hello Hello! From rainy Tacloban!

Yes, it is starting to cool down (for the Philippines), and it is much appreciated. This week, I have been in and out of the hospital all week long. My companion, got sick, again. She has been constantly sick for the past 3 months I have been with her but this week was the worst. We hardly worked at all. There's another sister who was in the hospital in our area because she got Denge Fever. Please pray that no one else in our mission will get this mosquito disease. I have never seen anyone in such pain in my life. 

We stayed at the hospital with her for many hours this week and there were times I got the chance to finally do a little work in our area with her companion, Sister Prudencio - my batch:) 

Needless to say, it has been a trying week and I have had to learn a lot of patience when all I want to do is work. 

If you have time this week, or for a family home evening, read this talk at the bottom of my email about the Restoration. Not until my mission have I realized how real the gospel is. We get so lost in life that we forget. We all do it. We have to remember how short this life is compared to the next. We have to remember what our purpose is, and that we were lucky enough to be living on the Earth during this time in which the truth and fullness of the gospel have been restored. 

I think it was Elder Oaks who said - imagine that in front of you is a rope. This rope extends forever in each direction to your right and to your left. It is never ending. In front of you, you grab the rope and tie a piece of thread onto it. The rope to the left of the thread represents our Pre-mortal life. The rope to the right of the thread represents our eternal life after this one in which we are currently living. That means the thread...yes that's right, is symbolic of our life right now. That's how short it is in comparison. And yet, there's so much of our lives that we do that will influence the next one. 

Don't forget to do the little things - church once a week, read every day, pray several times a day. I promise you will feel a spiritual growth unlike before and with whatever you're going through, you will see things start to work out. They always will when we give our will to the Father. He made us. He made the world around us. He knows better than us all cause He can see the big picture. Trust Him. 

Have a great week. Love you all. 

Love Sister Russon

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