Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 4 and Counting


Well, the trunky talk from my fellow missionaries has started. They are all excited for me to go home and Sister Aumua and I have hardly the time of day to think about it!!! There is too much to do here in Dagami to even think about that yet!

This week was awesome!!! We had 6 new investigators at church on Sunday for the first time!!!! Wow! Miracle from God. That was a blessing especially because Sister Aumua and I have found most of them ourselves. Hopefully they'll be baptized within the next couple of weeks. It's amazing how prepared they've all been for the gospel. We were just there at the right time. They were already ready to change their lives and make these covenants with God. 

One fun thing this week has been figuring out the marriage of one of our investigators so that he can be married to his wife who is a member. Actually, the paperwork has not been fun at all. It's been a headache. No wonder no one gets married often here, the process is so complicated!!!!! But! The process is just about finished and they should be having a double wedding with the other sisters' investigator couple in our branch. So fun! The baptism should be soon following. 

Anyways, I love you all! Thank you for the support and emails. You are all missed and loved. 

Love Sister Russon

6.7 Earthquake



Wow, I miss you all. I'm counting the weeks but not yet the days. I've become more appreciative of the things I know I'm going to miss - the kids screaming, "Sister!" and running up and throwing their bodies through the air to hug my leg, the banana que, the coconut trees, buko shake, speaking waray waray, the members <3, the list could go on and on:)

I was greatly surprised this week to find out who my new kabalay (roommate) was...... THE Sister Garcia!!!! Wooooooo!!! Reunited with my MTC companion!!! It's been so fun sharing the same apartment with her. She's great and it's fun to compare ourselves to the last time when I was with her...the MTC. How we've grown. It'll be fun spending the last cycle with her. 

This week Sister Aumua and I were invited to a birthday party by a random guy and his family we met on the street. He was close with some missionaries years ago; he told us he was catholic and not interested in us teaching him but wanted to be friends. Well we took the opportunity where we saw it. We show up at his house for his Birthday lunch party and were a bit shocked and a little over intimidated. Wow, his house was huge and so nice! We walked inside and saw a few people, thinking we'd be meeting his family and a couple friends.....oh no. We are guided around the corner into this huge room where at least 25 tables are set up and over 60 professionals (teachers, business men, and government employees) are chit chatting and lined up at the table of food the catering crew had set up. Mind you, this is not an everyday sight in the Philippines. Every head in that room turned and was on us hahaha. Fun experiences with the mission. We ended up talking to several people while I was sufficiently communicating to their tagalog - all these languages here haven't killed me yet! - and we ended up taking pictures with the birthday couple as they blew out their candles....sadly probably not cause we're missionaries but because we're foreigners:) Still, great experience though! And we were happy to be fed:)

We found one area this week that is harder to be received.Everyone there for the most part is the same religion and they call us missionaries "the convincers".( I give them credit on their creativity). We visited one lady, talked to her and shared a simple message about the gospel, and she informed us the second visit that all her friends were secretly watching and rushed over to her house as soon as we left to tell her to stay away from us. Hahaha, we're not going to kidnap the old lady! We are helping her learn about Christ! These people crack me up sometimes:)

The biggest event that occurred this week was I was in an Earthquake! It was so strong! I've been in little baby ones a couple of times but this was was a 6.7 at it's strongest in another part of the Philippines. In that part, it actually broke up the road and some people died. It wasn't that strong in Dagami but it literally shook the house for a good 25-30 seconds. Crazy! That was definitely a first. 

The mission is so fun! All these growing experiences I would never have had before. Love you all so much. Thank you for the constant prayers and support. Stay happy and healthy and safe. 

Love you and have a great week!

Love Sister Russon