Sunday, September 4, 2016

You Have to Fall Before You Fly



What a wonderful week it has been! I can honestly say without a doubt that this is one of the hardest weeks I've worked in the mission. And because of it, I love the area more than ever. It's true that serving people makes you love them. Downtown Tacloban has been one of my favorite areas by far!!!! I have loved it so much! The time there just flew by!!

This morning I was shocked to find out I am transferring! I thought for sure I would stay. President called and asked if I would be an STL in Catbalogan. So I am returning to my old zone where I was in Calbayog!!! My companion is none other than the wonderful Sister Healey, the sister who we visited in the hospital because she had Denge Fever. 

I know the Lord wants me to learn a lot this next cycle. The missionaries in Catbalogan have done a wonderful job and it's the most progressing area in our mission right now. 

My wonderful, beloved, beautiful companion Sister Matautia will continue the work in our area. I'm so jealous because we have so many baptisms I am going to miss! It's okay though, Downtown Tacloban is in good hands. 

Maybelle is another girl I'm gonna miss like crazy! Our cute ward missionary who has been with us from day one will not be coming with me to Catbalogan of course:( She and my comp are my best friends in the mission right now. Goodbyes are hard but they have to happen. Good thing it's not forever!:) 

Anyways, love you all. Love the mission. Love being a missionary. If there is anyone reading this contemplating going on a mission, my answer for you is 100% yes. It'll push you and help you grow in ways nothing else can. 

Thank you for the endless support. I miss you all tons! 
Sending the love always, 

Sister Russon

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