Sunday, October 16, 2016

Shiny Bows and Diamonds


Conference! Conference! Conference!!!

I hope I'm this excited for it when I get home. It's like Christmas for missionaries. A bunch of new spiritual quotes from God's representatives all wrapped in shiny bows:) I LOVED IT! There were some great talks in this one. 

The one thing I loved was how many talks there were about families. These were some random things I remember from their talks in general:

1. Your family are your investigators
2. If all your children knew about the gospel came from you, how much would they know?
3. You should bear your testimony as often as you can!!! In this increasingly chaotic and sinful world, your children can't afford to go without it. 

Conference was perfect timing for a lot of our investigators. For THREE of the families that attended, it was their first time at church. Miracles are happening and the branch is growing:) 

I think my favorite talk of the whole thing was Elder Uchtdorf's talk in the Saturday Morning session - the first talk of conference. He spoke about the miraculous state of the truth we have from the gospel in our lives. WE HAVE SO MUCH AND IT IS AMAZING! He went on to say, "We tread a path covered in diamonds, but they are often views as tiny pebbles beneath our feet." Do we fully appreciate all we have? 

The mission here in Tacloban is slowly changing. Over the past couple months with the guidance we've received in how to work harder and smarter, the overall 'magnifying-of-our-callings' is going up and it's so fun and exciting!!! I'm lucky to stay with Sister Healey again this cycle and we've got lots of goals and plans for helping the sisters and the branch and our area. Sometimes I think to myself, "How am I possibly able to do all this without melting from the heat, passing out from exhaustion, or running to the mental asylum because of stress?" Haha the answer is because of the divinity of my calling. It has nothing to do with us but rather with the priesthood power by which we are called. Probably in the in-between parts of my setting apart blessing came, "You will not melt, you will not stress and become an insane person, you will be able to walk the stairway to heaven up the mountain side and not fall off the edge from exhaustion, etc". My point is, whom God calls He qualifies. You can do any calling well because of the very fact that you are called.  

Sister Healey and I have had quite a few experiences this week where we've testified to the crowds. It helps that we're white. People realize we're speaking waray waray and they automatically think a miracle has happened. They gather. I love experiences like that. It's like the saying goes, "Sing your heart out"...we've changed it to, "Preach Your Heart Out". 

This church is the only true church on the face of the planet because it is our Savior's and is the ONLY one that has His fullness. It is the only way for us to return to live with Him and our Heavenly Father and at some point, every single person on this Earth will need to be given the opportunity to accept it, or turn away from it. The time will need to come at some point, better sooner than later for those that will accept it so they can enjoy the blessings of the gospel in their lives now. 

Share your testimony. Pray for opportunities and to be guided to people who have been prepared. "Every member a missionary" - Gordon B. Hinckley. 

Love you all!!! Hope you can feel the hugs I'm sending:)

Love Sister Russon

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