Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lovin' It!

Maupay nga aga Family!!!
Can I just tell you how much I love the mission? We absolutely killed it this week. Working harder than ever, and you know what? Missionary work is so fun when you do that. Heavenly Father knows he can trust you and miracles happen. He leads these people whom He has prepared right to you and you sit there and think, "Thank you! I'm gonna baptize this precious soul of yours". :)
We have had several miracles happen this week and several more very interesting experiences.
The first miracle is the A Family. This is a family of professionals in the health industry. Families like this are rare to find that are interested in the gospel because most families we teach have hardly anything. The A Family was just prepared by God. Some elders ended up passing by their house one day and invited them to church and Brother has been to church every Sunday since. This week we taught them Word of Wisdom. To be honest, we were a bit nervous to share this with them because they know everything there is to know about every part of the body - that's their job - and although they're really good investigators, Brother questions a lot of stuff. Which is definitely not a bad thing. It just meant that we prepared this lesson really well. We started off by asking, "Do you believe God knows all things?" And then transferred that question to the Word of Wisdom and how we need to trust Him. Haha, there was a bit of a rant that went off about how Jesus drank wine and so on. But sweet Sister A brought it back together and bore her testimony that she knows the Word of Wisdom was a revelation from God through His prophet.
Literally 4 days later, we return to their house and Brother A tells us about how in one of his school presentations they regularly give for their business, he shared about "Joseph Smith's Word of Wisdom". Literally with the whole school. Hahahaha. He's still just an investigator and he's already killing it at the missionary work.
Another crazy experience we had this week was we were contacted by this guy I OYMed while on exchanges. He asked us to come to his office and give a short presentation in a seminar on what we were doing here in the Philippines and our roles as missionaries. So of course we were happy to do that! We prepared well and show up and realize...the whole thing was a scam. They took us into this room where this man was sitting well prepared for this presentation for us. He talked to us for an hour, overriding our requests to keep it short because we had appointments, and gave us his business spill on their multimarketing tree program and how we as missionaries can negotiate with their company to advertise for them since we visit so many people each day. The man was a bit taken aback when we gave a flat out NO. Hahaha, we did not come all the way to the Philippines to advertise a business that scams people out of their money. We came to preach the true gospel of Jesus Christ! We taught all the office workers, took a picture with them (a normal thing, everyone wants a picture with the 'white people'), and left. It was a good learning experience.

I know this gospel is true with all my heart. The trick is getting people to feel it and know it too. After growing up in the church, I didn't even fully know myself until I went on a mission. That's why the power of the spirit is so crucial in teaching. Ultimately, it is the teacher. Anything we teach or say to them will not influence them enough in the way that the spirit will when they open their hearts to it.
I love you all!!! Thank you for all the support and prayers always. You're in my prayers gihapon. Much love always. Sending air hugs;)
Love Sister Russon

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