Sunday, October 16, 2016

How Do We Glow?

Hello Hello!!! 

Another great week here in Catbalogan!!!

This morning we had the wonderful opportunity of attending a wedding!!!!!!! This was a special one. The wedding of the A Family - investigators and definitely future leaders of the church. Their baptism will follow in October, which can now successfully occur because they are lawfully wedded and following the Law of Chastity. They've been investigators about 2 months and the one month I've been with them,it's been amazing to see them grow! The gospel changes people. It humbles people. It brings them closer to Christ. 

How is that so? Because it's His gospel. 

What better way to become more like someone than to learn of Him and follow Him. 

We had 4 baptisms this week - the D family. The nanay has returned during the cycle I've been here from being less active and her grandkids were the ones baptized this Saturday. What a priveledge it has been to see her change as the light of the gospel in her life has grown brighter and continuous. SHE GLOWS. She radiates joy every time we see her. This is a woman who works and works like crazy trying to support her family and the little they have. This is a woman who gets home late each night from work to a small house, usually a drunk husband, little food, no furniture, but a smile on her face. How does she do it? Her life, and the rest of her family are focused on the Savior. 

Below is an excerpt from the talk, "Light in Their Eyes", by James E. Faust: 

recently recalled historic meeting in Jerusalem about 17 years ago. It was regarding the lease for the land on which the Brigham Young University’Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies was later built. Before this lease could be signed, President Ezra Taft Benson and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, then president of Brigham Young University, agreed with the Israeli government on behalof the Church and the university not to proselyte in Israel. You might wonder why we agreed not to proselyte. We were required to do so in order to get the building permit to build that magnificent building which stands in the historic city of Jerusalem. To our knowledge the Church and BYU have scrupulously and honorably kept that nonproselyting commitmentAfter the lease had been signed,one of our friends insightfully remarked, “Oh, we know that you are not going to proselyte, but what are you going tdo about the light that is itheir eyes?” He was referrinto our students who were studying in Israel.

What was that light in their eyes which was so obvious to oufriend? The Lord Himself gives the answer: “And the light which shineth, which giveth yolight, is through him who enlighteneth your eyes, which is the same light that quickenetyour understandings.”1 Where did that light come fromAgain the Lord gives the answer: “I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometinto the world.”2 The Lord ithe true light, “and the Spirit enlighteneth every man through theworld, that hearkeneth to the voice of the Spirit.”3 This light shows in our countenances as well as in our eyes.

There's a reason the Plan of Salvation is also called The Plan of Happiness. Think about and ponder that. What can bring us true joy in this life? It comes by living the gospel. Becoming someone new. Holding family close. Living in such a way that we are clean and confident and have a proud Heavenly Father watching from above. 

Getting so excited for Conference in these next 2 weeks!!!! I want to hear what your favorite talks were! Remember, try to prepare yourself this week. Ponder spiritually on questions or concerns in life that you have and watch conference being mindful of those things. It's a good way for the Lord to speak to you through His representatives. 

Can't express the love! Love you all so much! Sending buckets full:)

Love Sister Russon

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