Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Growth is Unreal

Hey Hey Family!!!

Hey Hey Family!!!
I'm missing you all lots and am sending hugs:) I am 21 today! And wow have I grown more this last year than probably any other year of my life.

It's been one crazy week. We were in Tacloban for Mission Leadership Council for a couple days. Always super great to see all the other missionaries and hear President's most recent revelation and training for the mission. It pumps me up! And it's always so fun to apply it. I'm always before thinking, "Of course there's room for improvement, but what more could President train us on? What else is there?" Well he always finds something. And it's something that always makes a drastic difference. 

These last couple of months we've been focusing on teaching like the Savior. It's made quite the difference in the lessons we've had. We've been striving for greater participation from the investigators during lessons instead of us doing all the teaching and talking. They should be talking at least 50% of the time. How does this happen? Inspired questions on our part. If we can get them to bear their testimony or share their thoughts, they'll likely learn 10 times more from that then from just sitting and listening to what we have to say.  Teaching like our Savior is a skill to be developed over a lifetime, but it's something we can apply in most every aspect of our life, not just missionary work. 

Two days after Tacloban, we went to Calbayog! Back to Calbayog again, this time for a Zone Training Meeting in which we and the zone leaders gave the zone the training we received from President Maurer several days before. 

If I could make a list of the life skills the mission teaches you, it would be as thick as the bible.

We are excited for this next cycle!!! Transfer day is tomorrow. I'm not sure if Sister Healey will stay my companion, but I for sure will probably stay in Catbalogan. I love Catbalogan:)

I have a random assignment for all of you in Family Home Evening this week. Find the talk, "Turn off the TV and Get a Life" by John Bytheway, Listen to it! Listen to it, don't read. It's awesome and gives a good perspective on how much time we waste in life not doing things to get us closer to our goals.  

Sending LOTS OF LOVE!!!

Love Sister Russon

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