Sunday, November 20, 2016

And the Typhoon Season Begins


Oh how I miss you all!

It's been a pretty crazy week! One of my favorite families was able to attend church and we've been able meet a lot of new people this week. 

We met a pretty 'golden' family recently. They haven't got much; two little kids, a rickety bamboo home with a dirt floor, and a little tindahan outside their home. The father has a rare sickness that causes him to cough up blood occasionally and he is unable to work for their family. This trial has put a lot of stress on their family, particularly because their not sure whats wrong with him or how to help him. Despite these trials however, they have welcomed us missionaries with open arms! They came to church 2 weeks after we met them and were able to attend General Conference. On the side they read the Book of Mormon often as a family. This wonderful sweet family experienced quite the miracle recently. In one of our visits, they explained to us why all the stock and supplies were gone from their tindahan. After hanging up inside their tindahan the picture of Christ we gave them, they had so many customers the following 24 hours that all of their stock was purchased! ALL OF IT! Miracle! With the money, they are sending Brother to Manila to get special treatment from a specialist to see if they can find what's wrong. We and they know this was a miracle from Heavenly Father himself for their family. Blessings come when we have the gospel in our lives. 

We had our first 2106 typhoon this week! Typhoon Karen. It was not much here in Catbalogan, just a lot of rain. But Leaders titled it a signal 2, which means we were not allowed to work. We stayed in, updated our journals, and couldn't wait to get out of the apartment after being stuck in there all day long!

Another small miracle happened last night. We locked ourselves out of the apartment and didn't realize it until we came home at 9:30 at night. We did not have an extra key and our landlord is in Manila. So I attempted to implement one of the wonderful skills I have learned on the mission - how to pick a lock. Then I tried the second wonderful skill I have successfully learned on the mission - how to card a door. After failing, Sister Healey and I said a prayer, she attempted to card the door, and success!!!! We got that baby open! We probably had a bit of angelic help on that one, that lock on our front door is pretty solid. Thank you Heavenly Father. 

Pray, read the scriptures, have family home evening as often as possible, go to the temple!
It's pretty hard to not feel God in our lives if we're doing all those simple things. 

Love you all! Sending love and prayers always, 

Love Sister Russon

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