Sunday, November 20, 2016

How Great Shall Be Your Joy

Hello Fam!

Another week has gone by in the Philippines. The time is just flying. I feel like I email, go to sleep, wake up, and look at that! I'm emailing again!

Something wonderful happened this week. It happened yesterday at church. Mind you, Sunday's for me are always the most stressful part of the whole week. Trying to give enough people attention and welcome everyone on top of striving to make sure everything runs smoothly and new investigators are welcomed and treated well....that's not even the half of it. On top of that, Sister Healey and I were surprised yesterday 2 minutes before sacrament meeting started when we were told we would need to be the ones giving the talk. Haha. The Philippines is so fun;)

No worries though; the spirit was with us and we had some heavenly help:) This is where the wonderful part comes in...we finish our talks and are sitting up on the stand singing when we realize in the congregation are THREE Less Active families that haven't been to church in the last three months. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

There is a scripture in D&C 18:15
 15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!

This is the reason a mission, even though hard, can be some of the best 2 years (18 months) of your life. The joy is overwhelming when you get the privilege of seeing these families progress in the gospel. Why? Why is that? Because you know how much it can bless their life! Hello! This is why we serve missions! Leave families, work, school, we receive no salary for our work, no extra presents. Why are their so many missionaries especially here in the Philippines? So we can get a good tan? NO! The gospel is true and every family needs it if they are to receive a fullness of joy. True joy comes from living a righteous life, from knowing God is happy with your actions, from knowing your clean from every mistake you've made in the past, from knowing the Plan of Salvation, and that whatever happens, your family will be together forever in the temple:)

That is true joy my friends. 

Sending love:) Magnify your callings - whether that's a calling in the church or your place in your family. 

Love Sister Russon

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