Sunday, November 20, 2016

Day In Day Out - Traveling

Hello Hello!

What a week it has been! Not too much to report on this week - most of it has been spent in the van vans driving. :P Wednesday and Thursday - MLC in Tacloban > We received a great training from President Maurer and Siser Maurer on helping the misionaries in our zones be more centered on the work:) Friday - Zone Training in Calbayog > We trained the zone on everyhing we learned at MLC. Today - Calbaog Zone Activity> Played a bunch of games with zone. Tomorrow - Specialiazed Training in Tacloban > Sister Maurer will give us a training on health and cooking!
Other than that, the branch has been doing awesome in their improvement from when I first got here. It's so exciting!!! On Saturday we organized an aciviy wih the Relief Society to clean the chapel, wash the baptism clothes, and organize the library. The members are happy with their chapel looking clean and everything in better working condition!
One family I've been super excited about this week is progressing like crazy! They are huge! Their are 10 children, all grown up who now have their own children, and most of them have been listening and accepting us for some time now. Sister Healey and I found them a couple months ago and they are just so receptive. This family has everything - Catholics, Born Again, and Jehovah's Witness members. This last Saturday when we visiting them, many of them invited friends and neighbors to listen as well as we taught them the 10 commandments out of their own Bible. It's amazing how many of them did not even know they haven't been following them. Sister Healey and I were able to teach a group of over 40 squished in this little house. And the message just...clicked with them. They get it:) Sweet moments of mission life.
This week my testimony has really grown on the Law of Chastity. It's amazing the confidence I've seen recently come into people's lives as they repent and commit to follow this commandment! I heard a quote the other day by one of our General Authorities that went something like this, "Do not do anthing to make your soul any less pure than it was meant to be". I love this quote. It's so true. There is a new light and confidence that comes, and a weight to be lifted when we fully commit to live his commandment. That means living a Godly sense of cleanliness and purity. That means clean thoughts, clean actions, clean words. It means put yourself as far as you can from pornography and don't look back. It means commit now to be temple worthy at all times.
God loves all of us. He gives us commandments BECAUSE He loves us. 
Commit to live the way our Savior did.
Love you all:)
Sending hugs,
Sister Russon

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