Monday, January 30, 2017

The Miracle of the Church


Hello Family!!!

I don't even know where to start with this week. Nothing big happened, but tons happened at the same time. 

Our branch presidency is just awesome. President Bulanon is an RM and knows what's goin on. We've been working with him at lot these last couple weeks and I have been given the task of training our new Branch Mission Leader - Brother N - who was an investigator I taught last time he was here and now I come back and he's a member! Love it when that happens. 

In our Branch presidency meeting, we came up with a lot of new ideas to implement to make sacrament more reverant, one including sitting in families. All the old best friend tatays who sit in the back and giggle with eachother like a bunch of teenage boys probably aren't gonna be super happy about that haha. I love them:)

One funny experience that happened this week was when we went to visit  a bunch of little kids who were just baptized. When we teach these recent converts, all their little friends accompany them and we usually end up teaching 10 of them and the parents. Well we're finishing up the lesson, and I pull out my planner and it's covered in Off Lotion - it broke open and spilled all over my bag! On top of that, it was bright purple because it had spilled all over my purple wallet and started to eat away the color. All the little kids ( they literally are so cute! I need to adopt a Filipino) they come up with the brilliant idea of having me rub it all over their skin. So I start taking handfuls (not an exaggeration) of this purple lotion out of my bag and rubbing it on their hands. All of them got so excited and would hurry and rub it in and then say, "hatagi pa!" which means, "give me more!", so I'd give them another handful and they'd help rub it in on eachothers legs. Hahaha, it was so cute. 

We had exchanges in Ormoc again this week. This time I was with my batch  and MTC roommate - Sister Rex whom I love to death. It was so fun working with her and to be able to speak Cebuano. 

One thing I realized this week was just truly how amazing the church is. A lot of people we teach ask, "Why do we even need 1 specific church?" For them, it's enough to believe in God. But through the church, miracles can happen. It's been called, "The atonement delivery system". Jesus Christ established it himself and it's essential because we can gather in families and learn about becoming followers of the Savior and leaders and teachers and gospel doctrine experts and speakers and socialists as we gather together as saints like we gather in families. I saw this amazing change take place in our new Branch Mission Leader. Last time I was here, he was a man struggling with word of wisdom and being the guide he needed to be for his family. Now, a complete change has occurred. He's learning to be a leader. He's magnifying his priesthood and there's a whole new atmosphere in his home. His kids are more obedient and respect their parents and have testimonies for themselves. 

The church is true. Joseph Smith was a true prophet. 

Love you all, 
Have a great week and enjoy the snow:)

Love Sister Russon

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