Monday, January 30, 2017




Wow, what a crazy week it's been!!! It FINALLY STOPPED raining a couple days ago!!! It was flooding everywhere!!! We were working in water up to my ankles. 

Had a couple miracles happen this week - 

First, one day we got punted a million times. Punted means, you cant catch a break and be recieved by anyone to teach a lesson. We must've talked to over 35 people that day and by 5:00, we'd had one lesson. I was not feelin so hot. Around 6:00 after dinner, I tell my companion, okay, we are not going home until we get 4 lessons. I say a prayer in my heart that Heavenly Father would guide us to someone who was prepared for the gospel that would recieve us, and two seconds later, this girl in her 30's waves us down and tells us the missionaries used to teach her and her son is a member and she loves who he is as a person because of the gospel in his life and she wants to be a member. Haha. Thank you Heavenly Father. Missionaries stopped teaching her because the people she lives with don't like missionaries and it was causing them a lot of contention in their home. But we were able to teach her with one of her neighbors and now we have several new investigators!!!

The next miracle, we went to one of our investigators houses name E. She has been an investigator FOREVER because her daughter is a less active member. She reads the book of mormon all the time but is a strong Catholic and has never been to church because the Catholic church has been her life and of course, it would be hard to just up and switch religions. We went to teach her this lesson thinking we probably wouldn't be coming back any time soon because other than reading, she wasn't progressing at all. We start the lesson with a prayer, and she asks to share something she read in 3 Nephi chapter 11. It was about Jesus Christ being baptized in the water by the proper authority. She then tells us, I need to be baptized in your church becuase I need to be baptized the way God has commanded us. Uh, thank you again Heavenly Father! Hahha, I have a newfound testimony of the Book of Mormon and it's power. It changed her heart. She committed to come to church and received a baptism date. The next step is getting her there. 

Miracles happen when we have faith and do the Lord's work. I know this gospel is true and it has brought unexplainable happiness into my life. 

Love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Russon

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