Monday, January 30, 2017

I FINALLY Spoke Cebuano


Yes, Cebuano was the language I was assigned to speak in my call letter. No, I have not spoken t a single day since I left the MTC!!! ...until...this week!!! President realized our STLs in Tacloban were a little stressed because they had too many sisters under their jurisdiction, so they stuck us with the Ormoc sisters. We got to go to Ormoc this week! I've never even been to that half of the mission! ;The Cebuano half. It was great working with them, though a little trying. I completely can understand Cebuano. It's the speaking it thats the difficult part. The muscle memory of my talk just wants to spit out waray waray. Considering the circumstances however, I thought I did pretty good:)

Sister Aumua and I are doing great. I'm amazed at how fast she's picking up waray waray. She definitely wouldn't say that it's coming fast but in remembering how slow it came for me, she's rollercoastering through the language. And, she's teaching me a bit of samoan in the process:) We have fun together, she's like the sister I sometimes want to give a good beating to...haha, I say that with the utmost amount of love:) This morning, she had me believing I had lice in my hair for a good 2-3 hours. She decided to tell me the good truth after I bleached all my sheets and hair combs. Yeah, salamat Sister Aumua. 

One funny thing that happened this week - it was late and dark one night and we were trying to make it to a recent converts house at a good time, so we could teach them before they put their kids down. I come up with the bright idea to take a shortcut down this muddy street. Mind you, it was only 20 minutes after we had been hit by a major rain storm. We were slowly making our way across this slippery muddy street, trying not to get mud all over us. I turn around to tell my companion to be careful, when I turn around, take a step on what was not solid ground, and feel my foot squish into a muddy hole halfway up my leg! I pulled my leg out and the whole thing was black.....and my shoe was gone. Yes my companion was dying of laughter. I then had to put my foot back into the black hole full of who knows what and retrieve my shoe. The family we went to afterwards got a good kick out of it. 

Another experience we had this week involved one less active sister we refound. When I was last here, she was active. But the members told us it was a while since she had been to church, so we visited her. She was only 18, but she opened up to us that she got pregnant, and the dad left her and she's too shy to come to church because she feels guilty. We were able to talk to this struggling sister for a while and leave her with a comforting prayer. Hopefully, she'll be able to feel the light of the Atonement in her life and be able to move on emotionally and spiritually. 

The mission is great and I love it and I know this church is true. I know that Joseph Smith was called of God to help Him restore the gospel on this Earth. Wow are we so lucky!!!

Love you all, 
Have a great week!

Sister Russon

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