Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Family, you are missed!

It's been a great week this week! I received a wonderful new companion! - Sister Portin! Another Philippina! Sister Healey is really missed - we will party with each other in America. But Sister Portin and I have really warmed up fast to each other and I'm super excited for this cycle. She's 24 from Luzon. Tons of fun! I'm training her to be an STL, but I don't have to do much, she's a natural. She's an amazing teacher, singer, cook, you name it. Any talent. She's got it. I'm gonna have to do my best to learn as much as I can from her. 

A lot of great things have been happening hear in Catbalogan. We killed it this week in the work! Just a good week of pure hard missionary work:)

An RM came home from his mission. He's got the glow of a hard working missionary. It'll be exciting to see how he can help the branch with us.

District Conference is next week. After being asked a month ago to lead the choir for our branch because I of all people am oh so qualified...(sarcasm if you didn't get it), I turned it down and asked if a member could do it so that we wouldn't need to take so much time out from missionary work. We attended practice yesterday, and guess who is now the choir director for Catbalogan Hahaha. We hurried and threw together something and will be performing it for the District and President Maurer on Sunday. 

We're working on getting a lot of investigators married so that they can FINALLY be baptized! 

One thing I've been contemplating on a lot this week is the freedom the gospel gives us. You can tell when a missionary worked hard on their mission. That confidence you see often comes from the work they put forth during their mission in overcoming the natural man. They worked hard when they wanted to sleep, or relax, or break mission rules. Even for members who are not missionaries, this applies. Nothing but our following of the gospel can bring us such confidence, self purity, and perspective on life. We are blessed! 

Love you all so much! Serve those around you. You will find yourself when you lose yourself in others. Promise:) From Jesus Christ:)

Love Sister Russon

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