Monday, January 25, 2016


Hello Hello! 

First off.....I'm being transferred out of Allen!!!! Ahhhhhh!!!!!!! What do I do what do I do?! 

I don't know where yet, I'll find out in the next couple of hours where, who my companion is, and what language I'll be That one is gonna be tough because my understanding as of this week has been top notch! The prayers or something finally kicked in so thank you! I had several people tell me my waray waray is very very developed and they were surprised this was my first area. On top of that, I understood all of this when they said it to me. Hallelujah!!!!!

My nanay left late last night. Sister Mortensen is gone and is on her way home. Crazy! Though the mission feels like it's going fast, it feels like a ways away until I'm at that point. Anyways, she is my:

HUMAN of the WEEK: Sister Mortensen - my trainer. She has got to be the most humble, sweet, pure person I have ever met in my life. Her patience with me has been indescribable, and I've learned so much from her. We've had so many great experiences these last 3 months and it's really weird that she's just gone. Good thing she lives in Utah so I can visit the lady. 

Since this has been her last week in the mission, it's been a pretty crazy week. On Monday, we went on a hike to a beach for P-day, and climbed a palm tree. The Philippinos cut slits in them as they grow so that they can climb up and get the coconuts. So, we saw a tree. We climbed it. End of story. 

We had a branch goodbye activity for her on Saturday. It was SO fun!!! All of the members are just so cute. It is amazing how much they love love love the missionaries. I felt like she was getting married or something. Everyone wanted to take pictures of us, and talk to her the whole entire night long. It was so fun, but both of us were exhausted at the end and we didn't even get dessert we were so crowded - yep, definitely what probably happens at any wedding. 

The party lasted a good 8 hours. That's right. Philippinos like to party. It started off with games in the backyard of the church. Hahahaha, I was laughing so hard. Everyone showed up in red, yellow, or blue, according to their team, and then we had relays. SO fun! (Don't worry Mom, I took pictures. Now I just need to find a computer that actually works in letting me download pictures. sorry:\ ). After the games, they gathered everyone in a circle and sat Sister Mortensen in a chair...blindfolded. They then proceeded to thank her for all of the work she has done and for being a part of our branch. They took the blindfold off of her and in her false hope, she stood up from the chair as a giant bucket of ice water was dumped on her head. Hahahahahahahahaa, I got it all of video too. 

The rest of the night included spaghetti (as usual), 5 different desserts made of rice (typical), and karaoke (of course). Hahaha Philippino's are just the best. 

Sunday after church, we went to Catarman. The APs were supposed to text us if I was transferring or not so I could pack and bring my stuff. They didn't, so I assumed I was just staying in Allen. The plan was Sister Mortensen and Sister Bshara would leave because they're both going home, and I would be companions until transfers with Sister Bshara's companion - Sister Rex, my roommate from the MTC. How lucky am I?! The two left last night, and then we got the text this morning that I needed to pack. There was technical difficulties on the AP's part. So early this morning Sister Rex and I took the hour and a half jeepney drive back to Allen, I packed, said goodbye to the roommates and my beautiful room with the ocean view, and we came back to Catarman. I am staying with her in her area tonight in Bobon and going to an  FHE with all the YSA's. So excited! Tomorrow I''ll travel to my new area. Where is it?! Where is it?!

So many changes; not quite sure how I'm feeling. It's easy to get overwhelmed if you think about it too hard haha. 

I'm gonna miss everyone in Allen. Especially since this last week where I've really been understanding more of what they're saying, they've been family to me while I was there. But, it's good to know that'll happen whereever you are in the mission. 

So my new area I'll go!

Love you all!!!! Pray for you all the time. Enjoy the simple things in your busy lives and don't forget to try to read at least a verse a day. 


Sister Russon

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