Monday, January 25, 2016

The End of 12 Weeks

This is my last week of training! My 12th week in the field! Wow
it flew by. I'm learning so much it's hard to figure out what to put
in my emails haha.

    This last week was simple and 'to schedule'. Which was really nice
because everythings been kinda crazy this last month. Sister Mortensen
and I made tortillas - hallelujah, thank you Mom for the recipe - and
we even, through our cunning and expertise, figured out how to make
cookies with a microwave oven and the challenges we face in finding
ingredients. Needless to say, we were very pleased with ourselves and
took a lot to the members who feed us often. They were excited to try
"an American snack"....even though they all ate the cookies upside
down hahahahaha. That cracked me up! They all did it. They took the
cookie, turned it upside down, and ate it. Don't ask me why. Why would
you eat a cookie like that I have no idea. But it just about made my

    We had zone interviews this last week so all of us missionaries in
Catarman Zone had the opportunity to talk with President one on one.
Interviews went well; it was nice to check in with him. He told me
it's very likely I could get transferred to a different area next
week, but only the Lord knows, so I'll just have to wait and see what
happens. There are endless possibilities. The only sure thing is that
I'm getting a new companion.

    Yesterday in Sacrament my nanay - Sister Mortensen gave her
goodbye testimony. Oh. Even though it was in waray waray and there was
a bit I didn't understand, the spirit was strong. Then afterwards I
sang, "How Great Thou Art". Thank her for that one, she volunteered
me. It was actually really fun though. I miss singing all the time!!!

    Human of the Week: Jay- a 10 year old recent convert that we
teach. I have never ever ever before in my life seen maturity in such
a young child as I see in him. It is incredible. His testimony is SO
strong and he has the most thought-provoking and wonderful insights
that he shares each time we teach him. His maturity comes from
experiences he had a couple years ago. When he was 8, his older sister
got pregnant really young and couldn't take care of the baby because
she had many many drug problems. No one knows where his mother was. He
basically took care of a newborn at age 8. AGE 8!!! Can you even
believe that!? Because the mother had drug problems while she was
pregnant, the baby had severe issues as well and died not long ago.
Jay took care of that baby all its life. I couldn't believe it when
I heard this story. He lives with his loving aunt now who is a member
too. No one knows where the sister and his mother are, but he is an
incredible example to me. Saturday we had a lesson, and all the kids
in the area wanted to sit in - there was about 11 of them. Jay was
standing behind all of them bouncing one of the neighbor babies on his
hip to keep her from crying, urging all the kids to be reverent during
the lesson, and even offered to give the opening prayer. This. kid.
is. 10. He is nothing less than amazing and you honestly feel like
you're witnessing a little miracle just being around him. Hahaha I
love him to death!

    We had the opportunity to listen to the area presidency speak on
the Sabbath this week. They spoke specifically about keeping the
Sabbath a Delight. For the most part, they spoke on finding those
things that you can do with your family and for those around you that
bring a little more of the light of Christ into your life. Whatever it
is, it should make you happy and peaceful and destressed from the
business of life. That's something I'll have to figure out in my own
way because Sundays are so different on the mission than at home. We
have to work and teach, just like any other day, but we are bringing
that good spirit to the people who's houses we attend, so all is well
in the end:)

Have a great week everyone! I love you all! Remember life is meant to
be happy. Focus not on the pursuit of happiness but on the happiness
of pursuit.

Sister Russon

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