Sunday, November 8, 2015

I'm in the PHILIPPINES!!!

Can't talk long but I'm here at the MTC in the Philippines!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!

So sorry I couldn't call from LA. I really wanted to call Dad and then see if I'd have time to talk to Mom and Tess but we had to book it to our next flight. We had no time at all to do anything because everything was delayed since we had to return back to Salt Lake. I was gonna call from Hong Kong but same story as LA. 

Don't fret though! Glad I got to hear all of your voices!!!

We got to the Philippines yesterday at about 1 in the morning here - we were exhausted!!!! We got off the plane and it was like, well a group of white missionaries surrounded by small Philippino people. We stuck out like a sore thumb. But everyone here is so nice! I LOVE THE PHILIPPINO 

PEOPLE!! They're so cute and they all want to wave and talk to us! 

We got on a bus after landing and drove about 45 minutes to the MTC. It was 1 in the morning and traffic was still crazy. I can't imagine what it'll be like later today. There's lines on the road but no one look at them at all. I'm so glad I'm serving in Tacloban and not Manila. It's super exciting here but really ghetto. There's graffiti and garbage everywhere, and as we were driving here there's random huts on the side of the rode that I'm pretty sure people live in!...and a few small fires here and there. I'm like, hello! That's illegal! Just kidding, we're not in Kansas anymore. 

The humidity was like a wall when we got off the plane. I'm having to get used to breathing. I haven't been outside yet, but at 1 in the morning it was pretty gonna have to get used to that too:) Overall it's not too bad! I'm not even really nervous about anything! I'm SO STOKED! It's so fun being in another country!!!!! There's so much that's gonna happen between now and the next time I email, which won't be until I get to Tacloban, so I'll write everything down and try to tell you as much as I can. 

We fly out of here on Wednesday, couldn't be more excited!!! 

It's beautiful here too! There are tons of shades of green everywhere. It's gorgeous!

Today, our first day, we're going on splits with missionaries in the area and going proselyting!!!! Good heavens our first day! They're like, "The missionaries and most people you meet will speak Tagolog. So just say what you can in Cebuano and have them translate". I'm like, "Uh, I'm gonna need a translator even if I was speaking Cebuano!" Good heavens their faith in the gift of tongues...

I'll probably be writing a jeepney today, or a put put, no big deal. Just on a little car racing through the streets of Manila. 

Hahahaha, I've been here a day and it's already been an adventure! What is happening right now! I can't even believe I'm in another country!!!! 

Love you all! Tell the family I love them! Happy birthday soon Tess! 

Be strong. Be happy. Say your prayers. 

You're my favorite family:)

Love Kenna

P.S. hopefully I'll be able to call from Tacloban, but nothing too promising! I'll talk to you as soon as I can. Love always!!!!!!

Oh, and, I don't even have any jet lag! Woohoo! We are blessed:)

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