Sunday, November 8, 2015

Hello from Tacloban!

Hello Family!!!

I don't have much time to write but today was our first day in Tacloban, my mission. This is by far the hardest thing I've ever done with my life. The MTC in Manila wasn't bad at all, it was so much fun because I was with my district the whole time, who've become family to me, and it was like school. Here, we got about 10 minutes of sleep last night and they already had us out proselyting today. The heat and the humidity are unbearable, I'm about ready to shave my whole head off. I can't speak the language, everyone here either treats me like a celebrity or they are scared of me because I'm white, and I can't imagine walking around in the heat and the humidity everyday like we did today.  Plus, we had to leave more than half our district at 12 this morning because they went to other missions, so I've been missing them and I keep feeling like I'm seeing them everywhere. Last night, we all gathered in one last district prayer in a circle. Elder O'Rullian said it, our district leader, and I completely sobbed! Sobbed like I've never sobbed before. I love them all so much.  And while this is going on, you literally have no time to think about how youre feeling (which is probably a good thing) because you're so busy. 

It's been an emotional day. And it's been really hard. But, about a half hour ago, I went outside and was playing with a bunch of Philippino kids. They are so cute! The cutest things you've ever seen! They can speak a little english and they're tiny! Just tiny! And they were running around singing Christmas songs in waray waray. Haha it hit me that the harder this is, the more I'm going to learn from it. So I've just gotta not think too much about it and lose myself in the work. 

Don't worry about anything! The Philippines is gonna become home soon. 

Love you all. I'll email more when I get the chance!

Love Kenna

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