Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sending love ...

This week has been great with health! I'm very appreciative! Super hard with homesickness though. Christmas isn't as huge here as it is in America. And without snow or family, it just doesn't feel the same. I miss you guys like crazy! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!!!!!!!!!!

This week on thursday, we went to an island! It was really fun! We went with our roommates and 3 rm sisters in the ward. It was like a big girls day! We only get to go to the island once a month because it's so far and takes so long to get there. We rode a boat. It had a motor on it but went really slow, so it took about a half hour to get there. It was sooooooo nice to be out on the water. I loved it. Very therapeutic for me. When we got back I made mashed potatoes and like a lemon chicken and green beans and this apple crisp thing for thanksgiving. Our Philippino roommates freaked out because there was no rice, but they loved the apple thing. Making American food is too hard. I probably wont do it anymore. Most of that stuff was relly hard to find, and other than cinamon and pepper, they have NO spices here. Plus we don't have an oven. The struggle is real, let me tell ya. 

Tuesday we had our specialized zone meeting. It was so fun to see everyone! I love seeing other people who speak English! It gets pretty lonely sometimes with everyone speaking Waray and I don't understand. They don't really like to try and talk to me. Ugh, missions are hard. Anyways zone meeting, awesome! I wish we had one every week! I saw Elder Camings too! I think that's his name? Jimmys cousin. So that was cool! And! I got my Christmas package!!! Oh my gosh, you guys are the best people ever! I love getting to open a letter every day and you sent more sea salt caramels! And a huge thing of nutella! Aw I honestly really did cry. I can't believe you guys! Best Christmas present ever. 

On Friday we had exhanges. Sister Mortensen and I went on exchanges with the STLs. So I drove and hour and a half to Catarman  - where we also had the zone meeting - with one of the StLs and the other stayed with Sister Mortensen in our area in Allen. It was fun to see her different ways of teaching. Plus she rooms with Sister Prudencio who I knew from the MTC so at night it was really nice to just have her to talk to about everything. We understand. Sometimes it gets really hard because everyone else around us is going home so soon. I just home the following months go as fast as November did. Can you believe I've already been in the field a whole month!!!! Crazy. 

Love you all! Be happy! Be thankful! We have so much we've been blessed with!

Can't say enough how much I love you all. 

Love Sister Me

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