Saturday, October 3, 2015

Kinabuji ang bola

Hello Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for the dear elder letters this week! And thanks especially for yours Lex. Hahahahaha You CRACK ME UP woman! Love you all so much! I wish I could spend my birthday with you but go do something fun as a family and know i'm there in spirit:)

Here's a picture of Maryn Brady and I. I told you in my last letter I ran into her. We've seen each other at least 15 times and have dropped off notes at each others rooms! I love her to pieces!

The title translated is "Ball is life" in English. Hahaha I LOVE MY ZONE! One of the elders in our zone is from England and he always says Ball is Life in his British accent. So of course, all the guys in my district decided to translate it into Cebuano and say it 50 million times a day.  

Oh I forgot to tell you that Sister Garcia and I have been called as the zone online coordinators. Basically we have to make sure everyone knows what to do and to have chats with those who aren't following the rules, like staying off social media. Elder Laud has been helping us with that because that was his calling before. We were his apprentices:) He and the rest of his district left to IloIlo, Philippines this week. So we're missing a district from our zone. Sad day:(

It's so sad that I'm already dreading the day we leave the MTC because I'll have to leave my district. We had to leave our families to come here, and now we're going to have to leave this family to go to the mission.

The MTC is QUITE the emotional rollercoaster! I'm either dying laughing, or crying because it's so spirtual, or I'm anxious and antsy because I've been sitting down all day, or I will admit maybe slightly annoyed because of all the rules! I'm definitely learning to be obedient:)

This week I had one of the craziest experiences ever. Our district has been teaching fake investigators to practice - they're really just our teachers. But on Tuesday we had TRC's, which is where members in the area that can speak Cebuano volunteer to come and be the guinea pigs for us to teach. The first one was with a sister. She served in Cebu a couple years ago and the lesson went well. We struggled a bit but that's kind of how it is everytime because my Cebuano is choppy. 

The second investigator was another story. I don't know who this man was but something happened. He was probably early 30's and spoke completely in Cebuano. All I understood was that he has a wife who is pregnant with his first baby and he knows our Heavenly Father is so proud of all his missionaries and then everything else was gibberish. And I don't know why but as soon as he began speaking he hardly glanced at my companion - which I kind of felt bad for - but that was a necessary experience for me. Who knows why, but as soon as I spoke I just began to cry. Like really hard. Not because I was sad, but just because. Walking out of there I felt like he gave me something. That doesn't really make sense but that's how I felt. It was crazy. The spirit was so SO strong. 

One of the coolest things that happened this week was Sunday - our district watched Characters of Christ  - a talk for the missionaries from David. A. Bednar. It was amazing!!!!!

My challenge this week is for everyone to find it, sit down and watch it. Don't be rushed, give yourself some time, take notes if you want and watch it with the fam. It is so good. It's definitely catered to missionaries but can be applied to anyone. 

I love you all so much! Thank you for the dear elder letters and the emails!
Think about you every day, 
Hugs and kisses, 
Sister Kenna Russon
Ayo Ayo! (that means goodbye)

Have a wonderful conference weekend!!! Pay attention, take lots of notes, and enjoy watching it on the couch wrapped in a blanket. We're going to be stuck on plastic chairs...the.entire.time.

In this picture, one of the sweet senior couple missionaries dropped off donuts for our district. It was really only for the missionaries going to Cebu East mission, but they decided to share:)


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