Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saying Goodbye

Woke up on Wednesday ready to go! well, ready to get ready to go anyway. Still needed to pack... yes, we waited until the last minute... her luggage suddenly seemed so small. Here's what it looks like to pack for a missionary...
Here's Kenna on her bed writing the last of her thank you cards
and Lexie showing off her creations since she has inherited the
necklace business (Wake Destination) from Kenna & Rach.
We drove to Provo in the pouring rain and went to lunch. The plan was to take pictures at the temple before we dropped her off. Didn't see the temple but we did find a tree for coverage so we could get the last pics. And this is where it got hard. A friend of mine said "there's nothing at all I can do or say to prepare you for that moment". He was so right. I felt like my heart was breaking in half to let go of her. It's a bittersweet thing that's for sure. So happy for the decisions she is making but so hard to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to her sisters.....

Family pics & mom and dad (here's where I lost it). Had a talk with the girls that morning how we would all be strong, our job was to be happy and cheer her on! "Let her know how proud we are of her and don't make her sad", I said. They did great, me... not so much.

and the final goodbye pic! So proud of this girl and love her like crazy! We drove around the corner and I got one last look as she was happily chatting away with the elder who helped her with her luggage. That was great to see that she was excited and ready to serve!

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